General Terms and Conditions

  • Products
  • Prices
  • Order
  • Payment
  • Shipping
  • Delivery Period
  • Transfer of Title and Risk
  • Warranty
  • Liability
  • Return Policy
  • Security; Data Protection
  • Place of Performance
  • Applicable Law; Jurisdiction
  • Communication
  • General Provisions

    1. Products
    1.1.   Time of Switzerland offers more than 25 brands of luxury watches.
    1.2.   Time of Switzerland only deals in authentic luxury watches.
    1.3.   All brand new watches from Time of Switzerland are delivered in their original packaging, including the presentation box, instruction documents and official manufacturer's warranty certificate, unless otherwise mentioned in the description of an individual watch on the website.
    1.4.   Used watches from Time of Switzerland are described individually to indicate their condition and whether the original packaging, documentation and warranty are available.
    1.5.   Time of Switzerland is not an authorised dealer for any brand listed on this website.
    1.6.   Time of Switzerland is not affiliated with Rolex USA, Rolex SA Geneva or any of the watch manufacturers listed on this website.
    2.   Prices
    2.1.   All prices listed on the website or communicated by e-mail in response to a price inquiry include insurance, handling and worldwide shipment. Any applicable taxes and duties, (for example import duty and VAT), must be paid by the customer to the shipping agent upon receipt of the watch. For sales within Switzerland, VAT of 7.7% must be added to the quoted price. For sales to the US, the prices listed by Time of Switzerland include all applicable duties and taxes. Further information on prices, taxes and customs duties are available at:, or by calling Time of Switzerland Customer Service at +41 713 00 00.
    2.2.   Time of Switzerland quotes prices in US$, Euros, and Swiss Francs (CHF). The customer may choose his preferred currency at the time an order is placed. Upon confirmation of the customer's order by Time of Switzerland, the confirmed currency shall apply, unless the customer and Time of Switzerland mutually consent to change it prior to payment. Customers in the US may only place orders for payment in US$.
    2.3.   Prices listed on the website or communicated by e-mail in response to a price inquiry may be changed by Time of Switzerland without prior notice. However, upon confirmation of the customer's order by Time of Switzerland, the price shall be deemed to be confirmed and not subject to any change.
    3.   Order
    3.1.   Orders may be placed online at any time or by telephone at +41 61  713 00 00 between 10.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. CET. Upon receipt of an order, Time of Switzerland shall confirm the order to the customer by e-mail, at which point the order is binding for both parties.
    3.2.   The customer may enquire about the status of his order at any time at
    3.3.   Time of Switzerland reserves the right to refuse an order without giving any reason.
    4.   Payment
    4.1.   Time of Switzerland reserves the right to request a deposit payment at the time the customer places an order, unless the watch is in stock and ready to ship. The customer is required to pay the full purchase price to Time of Switzerland before an order is shipped.
    4.2.   The customer shall pay the purchase price to Time of Switzerland by wire transfer.
    4.3.   Alternatively, the customer may pay with a bank cheque, which is subject to clearance by Time of Switzerland's bank before the customer's order is shipped. Time of Switzerland reserves the right to refuse a customer's bank cheque at any time, without giving any reason.
    5.   Shipping
    5.1.   Time of Switzerland ships all watches to customers by Fedex. As soon as a watch is despatched to Fedex, the customer will be informed by e-mail of theFedex tracking number so that the customer can track the shipment online at any time.
    5.2.   Fedex offers: "worldwide delivery ? to more than 200 countries and territories in one to two days, depending on the destination". Time of Switzerland does not make any express or implied guarantees with regard to Fedex shipping times and excludes all liability relating thereto.
    5.3.   All shipments are fully insured by Time of Switzerland with AXA Winterthur Insurance Company.
    5.4.   The customer may collect a purchase in Switzerland if preferred. For further details about collection, please e-mail
    6.   Delivery Period
    6.1.   Watches that are in stock will be shipped to the customer immediately upon receipt of the customer's payment. In all other cases, the customer will be notified of the likely delivery time when the order is placed. Time of Switzerland shall notify the customer if the expected delivery time changes.
    6.2.   The customer may e-mail Time of Switzerland SA to check the status of an order at 41 61 713 00 00 or may call customer service on +41 78 764 82 82.
    6.3.   Should Time of Switzerland, for any reason, be unable to supply a watch for which an order has been accepted, Time of Switzerland will refund the customer's money. Time of Switzerland shall not reimburse any additional expenses that the customer may have incurred in connection with the order.
    7.   Transfer of Title and Risk
    7.1.   Title and risk with regard to the watch shall pass to the customer upon shipment of the watch. If the customer collects the watch in Switzerland, title and risk shall pass upon collection of the watch.
    8.   Warranty
    8.1.   All new watches come with a 24 to 60-month manufacturer's warranty, depending on the brand and model, unless otherwise expressly stipulated for a particular watch. All used watches come with a Time of Switzerland 3 to 12-month warranty.
    8.2.   During the warranty period, watches covered by a manufacturer's warranty may be taken to a manufacturer's authorised dealer for repairs.
    8.3.   Alternatively, all watches purchased from Time of Switzerland may be returned for repair to Time of Switzerland during the warranty period. Time of Switzerland will repair or arrange to repair at no cost to the customer, all defects which appear within the warranty period, and which are notified to Time of Switzerland immediately, in writing, provided that the defect was not caused by improper handling, insufficient maintenance or negligence by the customer.
    9.   Liability
    9.1.   Time of Switzerland shall only be liable for watch defects which appear and are properly notified in writing within the warranty period, provided the defect was not caused by improper handling, insufficient maintenance or negligence by the customer. The sole and exclusive remedy for the customer in such instance shall be the repair of the defect by Time of Switzerland.
    9.2.   Time of Switzerland excludes any further liability, including, but not limited to, liability for indirect damages caused by the Fedex distribution system.
    10.   Return Policy
    10.1.   Watches may only be returned to Time of Switzerland for the purpose of repair during the warranty period, or in the event that the wrong watch has been delivered.
    11.   Security & Data Protection
    11.1.   Time of Switzerland is committed to providing both safe data transfer and the best protection available to safeguard the customer's privacy. To these ends, Time of Switzerland will take the following measures:
    11.1.1.   Time of Switzerland will treat customer's personal data with strict confidence;
    11.1.2.   Time of Switzerland only requests data that is required for use in connection with processing an order or for the purpose of informing customers about new developments in the range of merchandise on offer;
    11.1.3.   Data are only transferred as necessary in the course of a business transaction with the customer. Under no circumstances will the customer's personal data ever be transferred or sold to any third party;
    11.1.4.   The customer's personal data are stored in a secure computer system and only kept for as long as is appropriate and permitted. Information is kept for internal use only, to facilitate purchases for established customers;
    11.1.5.   Time of Switzerland does not transfer credit card data over the internet. Credit card transactions take place by means of a downloadable PDF file (download here), which the customer completes and returns to Time of Switzerland by fax.
    11.2.   The customer's credit card statement will list the purchase under the name of Time of Switzerland SA.
    11.3.   For more information about security, customers are invited to contact
    12.   Place of Performance
    12.1.   Place of performance shall be at the place of Time of Switzerland's registered office in Switzerland: Lautengartenstrasse 7, 4052 Basel / Switzerland
    13.   Applicable Law & Jurisdiction
    13.1.   These General Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Switzerland, excluding the conflict of law rules.
    13.2.   Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with, these General Terms and Conditions shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at the place of Time of Switzerland's registered office.
    14.   Communication
    14.1.   Time of Switzerland SA is always pleased to hear from its customers. Customers may communicate with Time of Switzerland SA as follows:
    By e-mail:
    By phone: Customer Service telephone +41 78 764 82 82
    (Monday to Friday, 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. CET)
    15.   General Provisions
    15.1.   The General Terms and Conditions of Time of Switzerland SA shall apply to all orders placed with and deliveries from Time of Switzerland SA. Any reference to the customer's general terms and conditions is hereby expressly rejected. Any deviations from the present General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing by Time of Switzerland SA.